Our Mission

We are an adventure travel company with a focus on sustainability, adventure, cultural awareness and ethical travel. Our tours are designed to provide our guests with unique experiences through a blend of nature, culture, and adventure that will provide travelers with a new perspective and unforgettable experiences. We are committed to showing our guests the best experience possible through awareness of local culture and life-changing adventures.

Who Are We

Tim Richard

Tim is the founder of Unbounded Adventures and has been into all things outdoors since he was a kid. Prior to founding Unbounded Adventures he worked as a City Planner in Massachusetts, Florida, and Oregon, before his passion for travel, world geography, and shared experiences led him down a different path. He's spent countless hours camping, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, and traveling the globe. Tim has been leading groups and tours for three years and says that life has never been sweeter since he started following his passion. He views Unbounded Adventures as a way to positively impact people's lives and give people experiences they'll never forget.

Topher Mira

Topher has been living an alternative lifestyle since he graduated college with a degree in Geography and a focus on Climate Change. Since then he has worked as an Adventure Guide and traveled the world many times over. He spends his time ice climbing, mountaineering, sailing, and having amazing adventures. He has followed his passion for helping people and making a global impact by volunteering his time in Kenya, Thailand, New Orleans, and North Carolina. His vision, enthusiasm, knowledge, and care is at the core of our experiences. Topher is truly one of a kind and his infectious personality is just one of the things that makes traveling with us an unforgettable.

Tour Experience

Our group sizes are between 8-12 people, providing an intimate, personal experience. We design the tours to give you a taste of the place with enough time to let it soak in. Our adventures are great for people who don't mind getting their hands dirty, want to get immersed in local culture and tradition, and want a unique and rewarding experience. If you are looking to learn and experience culture, adventure and nature, join us!

Our History

Unbounded Adventures officially started in 2016 when Tim came up with the idea of developing tours for adventurous people looking for unique travel experiences that would make a positive impact on their lives by integrating ideals of sustainability, ethical travel, and cultural awareness. With a growing team of Angel and Gilber, the first tours were a 9-Day Adventure to Peru to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies and travel to Cusco and Machu Picchu. Topher eventually joined the team and we are expanding the adventures with the same things in mind. Your safety, cultural understanding, amazing places, and awesome experiences!