We offer different adventure options and customized services. Which is right for you?

Adventure travel experience

If you're looking for a group travel experience that offers beautiful, regional and exotic places with unique adventures, with the ease and freedom of having everything taken care of for you, then this is perfect for you. You will travel as a group to places around the US and around the globe and have the chance to meet and connect with people as you share amazing experiences. Click below to learn more.

Private Custom Group Tour

This is a unique travel experience for groups of 15 and up that allows you to visit beautiful destinations and experience a variety of activities for a fun-filled, exciting and cultural adventure. This is completely custom, so you decide which things you want to see and do. Another advantage of a Private Custom Group Tour is that you will save money with group rates. There is a deposit of $500 to get us started. We will work with you, make recommendations and suggestions, and then plan and coordinate the entire itinerary for you, including all flights for the group. You decide which Private Custom Tour type is best for your group. Click the button below to learn more.

  • Multi-Sport Adventure
  • Cultural Adventure
  • Ultimate Adventure

customized itinerary

Solo travelers, if you want to save yourself a ton of time and research, you can have us create you a professional and customized itinerary specialized on your travel plans, interests and needs. We will spend the time researching things to do and places not to miss, and create an itinerary that will make sure you see it all. This is well worth the value in time saved alone and will help you discover amazing things that you might have missed. Click below to learn more and get a Customized Itinerary. When you purchase you will fill out a short questionnaire to help us learn your interests and where you're going. Satisfaction guaranteed or a full refund.