Tour Updates and Introducing Topher

We’re wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Things are going well at Unbounded Adventures, we had a great tour to Peru in October with an amazing group of people, and we’re putting together more cultural and unique adventures. Coming up and now posted, we have two more 9-day trips to Peru and Ireland, which are very different, but equally amazing.

Peru 9-Day Adventure: April 28 - May 6, 2018

Ireland 9-Day Adventure: June 7-19, 2018

We are thrilled to welcome Topher Mira, explorer, sailor, paragliding pilot, and advocate for alternative living to the Unbounded Adventures team!

Imagine sailing through brisk seas in the middle of the night in the wild Atlantic Ocean, sitting with Buddhist monks in ancient, remote monasteries in the Himalayas, working with ancient tribal people and learning their traditions and way of life, climbing vertical sheets of ice to summit remote mountains, or soaring the skies in a paraglider encircled by trained falcons. While foreign to some, these are the types of experiences that mark Topher Mira’s life as a nomadic traveler and passionate explorer of life. A trip taken with Topher is guaranteed to be one marked by extraordinary adventure, deep connection, and the magical unfolding of experiences that will challenge you and shake up your life.

Since graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst cum laude in 2005 with a degree in Geography and an emphasis on climate change, Topher has fully embraced the type of lifestyle that many spend a lifetime only dreaming about: one marked by adventure, risk, and being of service to the greater good. His extensive travel experience includes working as a mountaineering guide in Alaska, criss-crossing the entire United States in a biodiesel fueled truck (using a system he built himself) numerous times, backpacking through Europe from Spain to Bulgaria twice, living in Kenya while running a company called Biodiesel Kenya, aimed at teaching Rwandan refugees how to make alternative fuel processors, long durations of time spent traversing Southeast Asia, immersed in India’s holy sites, living with and advocating for the Malabri tribe in Thailand, seeking wisdom from Tibetan monks atop snow-peaked mountains in the Himalayas, and captaining boats over stormy seas across the Eastern coast of the United States for weeks at a time. Over the course of Topher’s extensive and action-packed years of travel he has mastered an impressive assortment of skills ranging from ice climbing and mountaineering to becoming a licensed paragliding pilot and flying with falcons (a truly once-in-a-lifetime endeavor called “parahawking”).

Along the way he’s paused and taken a breath just long enough to follows his passions for activism, creating environmentally sustainable endeavors to help cultivate a better, greener planet and championing the creation of heartfelt communities across the United States. These projects include creating a successful biodiesel company in New Orleans, volunteering extensively for relief efforts there following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, creating a biodiesel company in Kenya aimed at empowering Rwandan refugees with alternative fuel building skills, crafting a thriving fifteen-year business as a tree-reverent arborist across the Northeastern United States, forming sustainable-living communities in Louisiana, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, all while indulging his love for electronic-dance music acting as the operations coordinator and head of construction for a booming, yearly music and arts festival called Fractalfest.

Topher is thrilled to join Unbounded Adventures and looks forward to helping you step into some of the most captivating experiences of your life. He is passionate about helping others unlock their potential while pushing their limits, expand their worldview through knowledge and immersion, and participate in the best that life has to offer while cultivating the rich, deep friendships that make all that adventure meaningful, heartfelt, and last a lifetime.

In particular Topher is excited to co-lead Unbounded Adventures upcoming voyage to Ireland June 9th to the 17th. Out of all the countries Topher has traveled to, Ireland holds a special place in his heart. In Topher’s blog, he shares the story of how he met Paraic, a farmer on the Aran Islands of Ireland, and how what began as a simple afternoon stacking stones together transformed into a lifelong friendship that has given him deep roots and one of his (many!) homes on the magical island.