Ireland Guides



Topher is originally from Massachusetts, but considers the Aran Islands to be his second home. He first got to know Ireland when he was backpacking the coast in 2011. Eventually he made it over to the Aran Islands and helped a random guy move rocks in his field. That guy ended up being Paraic and the two became good friends. Since then Topher has spent a lot of time in Ireland and has had the opportunity to explore and lead groups around the Aran Islands.



Tim is the founder of Unbounded Adventures and has been into all things outdoors since he was a wee lad. But hey at 5'6" on a good day, he's still a wee lad. He's originally from Massachusetts and lived in Oregon for 3 years, so he's been able hike all over the US east and west coast. He's spent countless hours camping, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, and traveling the globe. Tim has been leading groups and tours for three years.


Paraic - Aran Islands Host

Paraic Poil was born and lived his whole life on Inis Oirr, the smallest and most exciting of the three Aran Islands. He speaks Irish (Gaelic) every day, as the locals of the Island use it as their first language. Paraic spends his time managing his fields, building stone walls, taking care of his livestock, and managing his B&B; The Mermaids Garden. His home made soda bread and Irish breakfast are legendary!