Private Custom Group Tours

If you are coordinating a group of 15 or more people to travel to a new or exotic location without the hassle of booking and worrying about the details, then this is the right option for you. Group travel is becoming more and more popular as many of us want to share experiences with friends, family, and the people in our lives. The biggest challenge with group travel is coordination and planning; let us take care of everything for you and provide an experienced guide to make the trip unforgettable. We can customize any trip to your needs, trip duration, location and the type of adventure you want to experience. Each trip includes flights, lodging, meals, transportation, admission fees and necessary gear for all planned activities. You determine the length of the trip and budget for each person. We require a $500 deposit to get us started, and we will start arranging your travel.

We offer a variety of custom trips that include exploring the natural landscape by foot, bike, bus, boat, kayak or raft. We do all this and more on a Multi-Sport Adventure. For culture, history and sense-of-place lovers, we offer Cultural Adventures that allow you to discover and immerse yourself in a new location. We will travel from town to town meeting new people and discovering new worlds. We also offer the Ultimate Travel Adventure that gives you a taste of it all. See below or follow the links for more information about our Private Custom Tours!

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Multi-Sport Adventure

Multi-Sport Adventures are for groups who want to be active, see new places and explore the natural landscape. This is a chance for a group of people to get out and have a group experience doing things they love and have always wanted to try. We offer domestic and international trips to almost any location you're interested in. You determine the length of the adventure and decide on the activities or consult with us for suggestions and recommendations. These types of trips are typically medium to fast paced.


Cultural Adventure

A Cultural Adventure is perfect for groups that want to experience a new place and spend time in cities and towns. These trips will allow you to immerse yourself in the place and learn about the culture, history, food and people. We will work with you to create an amazing adventure that is completely customized to the interests of the group. This is a slower paced trip to allow you to get more absorbed into the place, but you can determine the preferred speed of the group.


Ultimate Adventure

The Ultimate Adventure is for groups who want a taste of it all - fun, outdoor activities, and cultural immersion. There is something for everyone with this type of tour and something new to experience each day. This is a fast paced trip, where you're almost always doing or seeing something. Pacing of this tour is ultimately the decision of the group. Great for high energy groups who want the Ultimate Adventure!

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Private Custom Group Tour (deposit only)

This is a unique travel experience for groups of 15 and up that allows you to visit beautiful destinations and experience a variety of activities for a fun-filled, exciting and cultural adventure. This is completely custom, so you decide which things you want to see and do. Another advantage of a Private Custom Group Tour is that you will save money with group rates. There is a deposit of $500 to get us started. We will work with you, make recommendations and suggestions, and then plan and coordinate the entire itinerary for you, including all flights for the group, lodging, meals, admissions, and necessary gear for planned activities. You decide which Private Custom Tour type is best for your group. This is fully refundable within 7 days.

Pay Deposit for Private Group Tour